Welcome to my Blog.    As a New York Divorce and Family Law Attorney I will use this blog to express my opinions on various legal topics and to provide tips and thinking points that I hope my readers find useful.  I hope that my writings will inform and interest you, and I hope to be informed and interested by your responses.  I am Andrew A. Bokser (Andy), and I have effectively represented my clients in all aspects of their Divorce and Family Law Cases in New York City as well as Nassau and Suffolk Counties.  My office is located at 26 Court Street – Suite 1003, Brooklyn, NY  11242.  You can contact me at (718) 834-1904, look at my email at abokser@bokserlaw.com or view my website which is linked to this blog at http://www.bokserlaw.net.  I have been admitted as an attorney since 1983 in New York.

While all Divorces and Family Court matters (e.g. custody, support, orders of protection and child protective proceedings) in New York must be determined under New York Law the fact that each case has its own unique facts and the Judges, Referees, Support Magistrates have their own views of interpreting the laws a party and his/her attorney need to proceed with a strategy that is tailored for the specific client.

Whether or not you want to commence an action in Supreme Court for a Divorce or a Separation in Supreme Court, or for Custody, Visitation or Child Support in Family Court, or become the surprised recipient of a Summons, against you, you should consult with an experienced attorney as soon as you can.  Many of these cases will result in life altering consequences so you owe it to yourself (and your children) to take the time (and yes, the expense) of speaking to a qualified attorney about your options.

Some of the factors you should consider before retaining an attorney are:

  1. The attorney’s experience and competence in the type of case you have.
  2. Your comfort with the attorney, and ease of communicating with the lawyer.
  3. The attorney’s ability to advise you of your rights and obligations in clear and non-condescending manner.
  4. Your ability to discuss your strategy with the attorney even if you and your lawyer may seem to have different opinions on how to proceed.
  5. The attorney’s willingness to listen to your story without impatience or the attitude that your case is like everyone else’s.
  6. The fees of the attorney and your ability to pay the legal fees and related costs (e.g. court fees, expert fees, and discovery costs) for the case.

The internet has given us all amazing freedom and access to explore a hundred law firms in a relatively short time.  It can rapidly help you eliminate firms that you do not want to contact, and give you reasons why you want to reach out to other firms.  However, no matter how creative the website is, I think it is critical that you meet with the attorney when you can.  Since you will spend time with your attorney in court and in the office preparing for the matter you should speak to the prospective lawyer in person.  It is like selecting a restaurant solely based on its menu on-line.  The pictures may look great, but you won’t know for sure until you eat there.

When you meet with your attorney you should have a list of questions or topics that you want to discuss.  When schedule your initial consultation ask if the attorney charges for the consultation, or limits the length of the consultation.  Inquire if the attorney speaking with you is the lawyer who will be handling your case or some other employee of the firm.  If you want someone (a friend or relative) to go with you to speak with the attorney understand that you could be waiving your right to the attorney-client confidentiality by including a non-party in the consultation.  When you have a consultation many topics and issues are discussed that you may not have considered.  As a result you may not get to the questions that you wanted to ask.


As attorneys we pride ourselves in getting to the relevant points as quickly as we can. However, we may not ask you whether or not your spouse is mentally ill or has a criminal court history.  We may ask about your home, and not about the Family Trust that was formed for your benefit.  We may ask about your Dental Practice or Landscaping Business, but forget to inquire about the law suit against your business.  You should not make the mistake of omitting a fact because you are not sure it is important.  Discuss it and give the attorney the opportunity to evaluate if the issue is relevant to your case.

I hope that I have given you a comprehensive checklist to aid you in selecting the law firm that will represent you.  In my next posting, I will write about some of the steps a litigant should take in preparing to either commence a Divorce or Family Court Matter, or to defend yourself against one filed against you.

You can reply to this post or contact me directly at my office at (718) 834-1904 or via email at abokser@bokserlaw.com to set up an appointment.  Thank you.

Andy Bokser

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